1983: [Return of Condor Heroes] Theme Song
Which Day We Meet Again
Lyric: Tang Wai Hung   Music: Joseph Koo Kar Fai
Singer: Cheung Tak Lan

Who makes my heart moved, who in this life together would mutually love me
Love is forever holding strong, regret is like barrier
No fears this love not easily broken
Who makes my heart bitter more, 
	the image has departed in despair already in beginning
Who fears deep feelings, keep the heart within
love and hate binding indistinctly

Fate really has come,  daring and challenging
No matters life or death, the feeling inside is like a fire in the heart 
Who makes my heart so agonized, only to hope seeing each other again
Why such love in this world, love hate forever inseparable
No fears this love not easily broken

1983: [Return of Condor Heroes] Interlude
Strong Love In Two Hearts
Lyrics: Tang Wai Hung    Music: Joseph Koo Kar Fai
Singer: Cheung Tak Lan / Andy Lau Tak Wah

* Special Thanks to YY Tan for the new translation!

When the feeling is true, there is no need to regret having met so late
With one glance, we need not sigh ever again
Affection passes like flowing water, yet this heart is entrusted to the swallows
This is far superior to being alone in the world

When the feeling is true, there is no need to fear reunions and separations
Changes that happen in a flash are common
Who is willing to wield the sword of wisdom, this heart is entrusted to the swallows
Even the thousand mountains that separate us are nothing

Love, when compared to the dew, is less afraid of transience
For when it resides it two resilient hearts, the love does not fade
The past as been difficult, and it shall be more difficult when we meet once more
Yet the fire of love in our hearts shall not turn cold

When the feeling is true, there is no need for frustrations or sighs
Even when it is lost it can be redeemed
This destined love, till today, has not turned cold, this heart is entrusted to the swallows
We do not fear sorrows and joys; what more reunions and separations?

1983: [Return of Condor Heroes] Interlude
Hold On Today's Love
Lyrics: Tang Wai Hung   Music: Joseph Koo Kar Fai
Singer: Cheung Tak Lan

We all touched by true love, and careless of what others would think it's silly
Human affairs are all about obstacles, 
	leaving behind the wrongs and rights of this world, of this life
Once our eyes met in an instant, not bittering not sorrowing
Only to know it's the love we've longed for, no regrets for such feelings

Afraid that touching would hurt, only wish to be in love today
No worries about today's dream, nothing is important
The oath the feelings inside won't changed
We all touched by true love, neither regret nor wonder 
Like the pair of swans, the love forever exists
Who would fears dreams gone again?

1983: [Return of Condor Heroes] Interlude
Ask World..
Lyrics: Yuan Man Hou     Music: Joseph Koo Kar Fai
Singer: Cheung Tak Lan

O mortals, what is love 
that binds beyond life on earth 
To all corners, in pair we fly
braving summer and winter, by and by 

Union is bliss, parting is woe, agony is boundless
for a lovelorn soul sweetheart
give me word, trail of clouds drifting forward
mountains capped with snow, whither shall my lonesome shadow go

Heartbreak Cliff Stone Inscription
	Sixteen years later we will meet here,
	Our husband and wife profound love, Don't break your promise,
	Little Dragon Girl addresses to my beloved Lord Yeung 
	Taking care of yourself, longing for the reunion

1983: [Return of Condor Heroes] Interlude
The Great Mythical Condor Hero - Southern Stone *
Lyrics: Siu Sang
Singer: Andy Lau

There are happy sounds 
	when the great mythical condor hero is around
When the children hear he's around
	They will sleep peacefully and sound
Only due to the great hero's present, upon the people summon
	Doom is coming for all the the demons 
He makes all demons submit in fears
	and turns the surroundings into a brighter scenery
He also stands for justice
	And pleads for people life 
	Saves the innocent from tortures

Restores the miscarriages of justice
	Gives relief to the good citizens
	and kills the corrupt officials
Voices over unfairness 
	and also those who, have been found guilty of the worst crimes,
	were wrongfully sentenced
The great hero will turn the sky over 
	if he need to in order to rectify the situation
	Comes to rectify

The great mythical condor hero,
	he will share the people troubles
Will look at those ungrateful individuals with hatred
Those who left their wives for no reasons,
	he will stand up for those wives
	Will investigate those fickle men
The adulterers must explain their reasons
	It's hard to dismiss those who left their wives and kids of their crimes
Heaven's retribution and revenge will befall upon them 
	with their original sins

You married her, then that must mean you love her
If you do not love her,
	then what's the use of marrying her?
You married her but you do not love her,         
	then this vow cannot be accepted

The great mythical condor hero gives charities to every place he goes
	The turmoils of war cause many famine and poverty
Starving souls are everywhere in the pitiful, war-torn land
	Many people are crying out because they have no one to depend on
Without hesitation, the hero raises his arm in and call for a disaster relief
	He bustles about, work hard and alone in the great land
Travels all over the land to lend a helping hand
	Supporting the sky with a single pillar is not easy, is not easy
The great hero will save the universe from all the disasters
	His great ambition is to restore peace for the people 
Because all the people wish is to have a prosperous times